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Java Raung Coffee

We’re welcoming Java Raung Coffee. Hello 2019. We’re back in business. To start this great year, we’re welcoming the famous Java Raung Coffee as our coffee of the month. Another great coffee from the Highland of East Java Indonesia, Bondowoso. Located around 1600 above the sea level, the volcanic soil is rich with all the good ingredients to produce this coffee. It has great aroma, … Continue reading Java Raung Coffee

Java Malabar Coffee

Java Malabar Coffee. We’re welcoming Java Malabar Coffee in our humble coffee shop. Another great coffee from the island of Java Indonesia. Malabar is located around 1.400 – 1.800 meters above sea level in Priangan, West Java indonesia. The volcanic soil in this region is very rich with minerals and nutrition. And the height provides all the good ingredients for producing great coffee. This coffee has … Continue reading Java Malabar Coffee

Coffee Of The Month, Temanggung.

This month we’re welcoming one of the great coffee from the island of Java. Temanggung. Located in Central Java, Indonesia. The volcanic soil in this region is rich with minerals and nutrition. And the cool breeze climate is also perfect for coffee plantation. Giving all the good ingredients for producing great coffee. This coffee has medium to low acidity. A great aroma, smooth taste with mild body … Continue reading Coffee Of The Month, Temanggung.

Papua Coffee

We’re welcoming one of our most famous, Papua coffee. The production in Indonesia dates back to the 1950s. This coffee came from the highlands rugged mountains of Papua. Bringing you one of the world’s most favourable production of fine Arabica coffees. It has a wonderful flavours, well-balanced, and a hint of fruity aroma. Please come and visit us. Enjoy this lovely coffee with us. That’s Life Coffee. Jl. Gunawarman No. … Continue reading Papua Coffee

Sumatra Mandailing Coffee

Sumatra Mandailing Coffee We’re welcoming Sumatra Mandailing as our coffee of the month at That’s Life Coffee. The coffee itself is named after north Sumatra’s Mandailing people. Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, between 2,500 and 5,000 feet above sea level. Known as much for its full body, smooth and rich taste. Often exhibits hint of sweet chocolate. Can’t wait to share this great coffee with you all. See … Continue reading Sumatra Mandailing Coffee

Welcoming Flores Bajawa

Welcoming Flores Bajawa this December Along this December, we would like to introduce you this wonderful coffee. Our coffee of the month; Flores Bajawa Coffee. Came from the island of Flores. A beautiful Island in East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia. These 100% full arabic beans are full of flavours. Great aroma and body, hint of chocolate and floral along the way. Please come and join … Continue reading Welcoming Flores Bajawa

Welcoming Coffee Lombok

Meet our Coffee Of The Month, Coffee Lombok. This great coffee came from the beautiful land of mount Rinjani, Lombok. Grows in the altitude above 1200 mdpl and carefully selected by local farmers to ensure the finest quality for you. This coffee has great aroma, well-balanced between acidity and body. Giving us that smooth and full cup flavour. To all coffee lovers out there. Please … Continue reading Welcoming Coffee Lombok

Welcoming Solok Coffee

  Welcoming Solok Coffee at That’s Life Coffee Introducing our coffee of the month: A wonderful coffee from Solok West Sumatra. One of the newest type of coffee in Indonesia, this Arabica coffee is planted on the highlands in Solok, West Sumatra. Compared with others Sumatran coffees such as Lintong, Gayo, and Mandailing that are quite heavy, this coffee has a medium body with great aroma and amazingly … Continue reading Welcoming Solok Coffee