Java Malabar Coffee

Java Malabar Coffee. We’re welcoming Java Malabar Coffee in our humble coffee shop. Another great coffee from the island of Java Indonesia. Malabar is located around 1.400 – 1.800 meters above sea level in Priangan, West Java indonesia. The volcanic soil in this region is very rich with minerals and nutrition. And the height provides all the good ingredients for producing great coffee. This coffee has … Continue reading Java Malabar Coffee

Coffee Of The Month, Temanggung.

This month we’re welcoming one of the great coffee from the island of Java. Temanggung. Located in Central Java, Indonesia. The volcanic soil in this region is rich with minerals and nutrition. And the cool breeze climate is also perfect for coffee plantation. Giving all the good ingredients for producing great coffee. This coffee has medium to low acidity. A great aroma, smooth taste with mild body … Continue reading Coffee Of The Month, Temanggung.

Papua Coffee

We’re welcoming one of our most famous, Papua coffee. The production in Indonesia dates back to the 1950s. This coffee came from the highlands rugged mountains of Papua. Bringing you one of the world’s most favourable production of fine Arabica coffees. It has a wonderful flavours, well-balanced, and a hint of fruity aroma. Please come and visit us. Enjoy this lovely coffee with us. That’s Life Coffee. Jl. Gunawarman No. … Continue reading Papua Coffee

That’s Life Coffee | Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2017

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2017. Semoga kita manjadi pribadi yang lebih baik dan selalu dipenuhi dengan kebahagiaan. Saat ini toko kami tutup dan akan kembali buka 4 Jul 2017. Can’t wait to see you all and have a great holidays my friends. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Terima kasih. That’s Life Coffee. Jakarta. illustrations : Continue reading That’s Life Coffee | Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2017

Toraja Coffee

Toraja Coffee We’re welcoming Toraja Coffee back to our humble coffee shop by popular demand. Toraja coffee is grown at Tana Toraja. A relatively high altitudes on the island of Sulawesi Indonesia. This is a well balanced coffee with medium body. Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low-toned yet vibrant acidity with hints of fruit notes and sweetness. Can’t wait to share and enjoy this … Continue reading Toraja Coffee

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Mixed Feelings 02

  Mixed Feelings 02 Lima Ilustrator Baru Menggelar Karya dan Menerbitkan Buku di Pameran Mixed Feelings 02: The Journey Unwritten. 2 April – 7 Mei 2017. Pembukaan 2 April 2017, 19.00 WIB. Kelima orang ilustrator baru yang masih berstatus mahasiswa ini adalah Criwill, Hwang Tony, Liffi Wongso, Novan Anggono dan Nykkhu. Sejak April 2016 mereka mengikuti program inkubasi yang dipimpin oleh Atreyu Moniaga. Dalam program … Continue reading Mixed Feelings 02

Phonēme Photography Exhibition

  Phonēme Photography Exhibition That’s Life Coffee proudly presents, Phonēme Photography Exhibition, 26 February – 26 March 2017 Adalah sebuah kelompok fotografi muda yang berisikan 4 orang yaitu Stephen Lie, Tom Dhipa, Debbie Lysander dan Nathanael Moss. Phoneme sendiri adalah angkatan fotografi ke-empat dari AMP dan Phoneme akan menyelenggarakan pameran fotografi. Opening dan Artist Talk. Minggu, 26 Februari 2017 Pukul 15.00. That’s Life Coffee Jl. … Continue reading Phonēme Photography Exhibition

Java Ciwedey Coffee

Introducing Our Coffee Of The Month : Java Ciwedey Coffee. Welcoming our coffee of the month, Java Ciwedey. An excellent high-grown coffee from West Java. It is in the west java where many of the older, original farms are located. We can expect a great aroma, medium body, well balanced coffee with the slightest hint of fruity flavour. To fully understand you’ll have to try … Continue reading Java Ciwedey Coffee