LUCID Exhibition

Lucid P

Please join us in
“LUCID” Photo exhibition
Kevin Leovir, DIOARIF, Willhemus Willy, and Mutiara Suryadini.

Opening :
January 18th 2015
At 5 p.m – till end

At That’s Life Coffee. Jl. Gunawarman No. 24
Jakarta Selatan 2nd Floor.

Through this exhibition, we’ll discover their worlds with a different point of views. Believing in their dreams and passions.
Lucid can be interpreted as an experience in a dreamland, where we can control our dream, feel the situations inside, and the most important is to keep conscious while we are still dreaming. Isn’t it very fun? Yet, it’s getting more fun if we can make our dream that looks impossible to become real.

Further info, feel free to contact :

Thank you.

That’s Life Coffee. Jakarta

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