24 STEPS Art Exhibition

photo 1

24 STEPS An Art Exhibition by Helena Doležalová

11 Mei – 1 Juni 2014. At That’s Life Coffee

Have you ever enjoy a very simple things surrounds you? Interesting things that maybe we just don’t realize. With creativity and simplicity, we could enjoy those interesting things and made them as inspiration for beautiful art pieces. These is what Helena Doležalová from Czech Republic who have studied anthropology, ceramics and textile design tries to offer. From a simple game with her children, Helena tries to present interesting things. Helena plays with her children “Trying to find something interesting.” A random number chosen by her children, then number 24 was the number. With this game, a journey started and every 24th steps, Helena and her children stopped and start looking for something interesting before continue walking. An interesting journey from Helena’s house in Daksa road to her favorite place, That’s Life Coffee in Gunawarman road. It took 1032 steps, 43 stops and 185 pictures. From these 185 pictures, she choose 15 for the exhibition. From these 15 paintings, we will see how simple things around us can be so interesting in front of her eyes. With a nice cup of coffee, we that hope you will enjoy this great exhibition.

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