Supper Snapshots with Studiomili Exhibitions

SSS E Flyer Arris

Come and see our Supper Snapshots Exhibition in Jakarta! We will display our finest selection from our 2-year Supper Snapshots project, and it will also include a collaboration with Studiomili

We are two people from different backgrounds: Oxalis from Indonesia and Maarten from the Netherlands. In our project “Supper Snapshots”, we both took a photo of our food every day and posted them on our blog. The project was started as an experiment: to see how our backgrounds, being raised in two different cultures yet in the same age of globalization, influenced our eating patterns. Inevitably, our backgrounds did not only influence our culinary preferences, but also our photographic styles.

In the beginning we merely documented our meals, but as time went on we explored both more gastronomic and photographic possibilities. Many of our photos involved the staging of food products in unusual contexts or omitted any sense of environment or surroundings, giving rise to the sense of a hidden food universe or an imagined food world. This free approach gives an evident playful and improvised allure to the works.
Our set of photographs, selected from the 1,468 photos taken over the course of the two-year project, provides an outlook on our two cuisines and our photographic points of view.

For us food is like photography; it is culture, identity, personality.

We’re just a group of people who love to draw). We eat, drink and sleep this stuff. After doing illustrations together for almost 3 years, we started to make limited posters from our artworks in early 2012. We called it “Poster Parade”. Trying to illustrate our thoughts and let other people know that fantasies can co-exist with reality. Hope you will enjoy our artworks as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. Thank you!  ~Arris & Moreza | @studiomili | E.

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