Welcoming Flores Bajawa

Welcoming Flores Bajawa this June 2013 Coffee of the month; Introducing you a wonderful coffee from Bajawa – Flores. One of the great coffee of Indonesia. Low acidity, great aroma and bold flavor. Can’t wait to share this lovely cup of coffee with you. Thank you! illustration by http://www.studiomili.com Continue reading Welcoming Flores Bajawa

Get Your Poster Parade Here!

Poster Parade 5th Batch from Studiomili Twelve new posters from Studiomili are staying at our coffee house. Posters Parade 5th batch are sold limited. Only twelve printed for every piece. Feel free to order them via studiomili.draws@gmail.com , or you could just ask our baristas to make the purchase. And don’t forget to visit all of their collections at www.studiomili.com . Thank you! Continue reading Get Your Poster Parade Here!