.GARIS. Exhibition. The Opening

Thank you so much friends for coming to .GARIS. exhibition. Great artworks from Mahendra Nazar and an awesome sound from Putra “Babet” Buchari. It was full house and we had great time. The exhibition still be here ’till 28th Sept 2014. Feel free to come and enjoy the exhibition. Continue reading .GARIS. Exhibition. The Opening

Get Your Poster Parade Here!

Poster Parade 5th Batch from Studiomili Twelve new posters from Studiomili are staying at our coffee house. Posters Parade 5th batch are sold limited. Only twelve printed for every piece. Feel free to order them via studiomili.draws@gmail.com , or you could just ask our baristas to make the purchase. And don’t forget to visit all of their collections at www.studiomili.com . Thank you! Continue reading Get Your Poster Parade Here!

Welcoming Papua

Along this July 2012, Papua is our “Coffee of the Month”. It said that coffee production in the country dates back to 1926/1927. These Arabica’s beans grown in Papua’s Highlands. Well-balanced with an earthy body, medium dry acidity, a complex fruity aroma with a hint of spice. Can’t wait to share it you and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you. illustration supported … Continue reading Welcoming Papua

Kopi Keliling Pameran Online #1 | 19Feb – 20Mar 2012

Setelah ikut serta dalam kegiatan Kopi keliling sepanjang 2011. Saat ini kami berkesempatan dikunjungi para 11 artis dari Pameran Online #1. Pameran Online tentu akan dilaksankan secara berkala dengan tujuan untuk memperkenalkan para artis baru. Inilah karya-karya mereka, Selamat menikmati. Tentunya dengan secangkir kopi nikmat 🙂 Untuk info lebih lanjut bisa diliat disini website Kopi Keliing Continue reading Kopi Keliling Pameran Online #1 | 19Feb – 20Mar 2012